Your Beliefs Create Your World [WKTS]

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Whatever you believe in, you stand behind. You make the connection with it and will not deviate from it no matter what happened.

Your beliefs drive you to create something positive or negative. If you believe that people don’t like you naturally, you will do everything in your power to restrain yourself from being connected to people. To start with your body language will give it all away, and people will feel uncomfortable around you.

In sales, if you don’t believe in your product, it shows. Your body language speaks it and the customer feels the vibes you’re sending.

Beliefs show up in every area of life, personal and business.

I remember struggling to believe that I was capable of making videos. I had that block in my mind that I just could not get rid off for the longest time.  I let fear dominate me in that area. My belief at the time was… I could not make good videos, and people would not like me.  That was the thought that dominate and crippled me from getting started. After seeing so many people making videos on YouTube, I asked myself what’s so special about them. How could they do it and I could not?

After thinking about it for a long time, I discover that those people did not have anything special , they just have the courage, and willing to put themselves out regardless if they were ridicule or not.

That was it for me..

I made a decision to start believing that I could make videos and actually publish them. I finally find the courage within to make it happen and started creating my own world. Was it a challenge? Heck yeah!.. But I did it anyway.

My negative beliefs about putting myself out there were really holding me back.

Think about how many people are missing out on their dreams because of a negative belief that holding them back.

The only way to build your dream in life is to really believe YOU CAN. To turn your negative beliefs into something positive, you must find the courage to get going regardless of scary it looks. No one else can do it for you, you have to make a decision to believe in you enough and start creating your world.


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