Why Working on Developing Your Leadership Skills is Good For You

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We may have different opinion on what a good leader is, but being a leader definitely is not a trait that’s spread out in the human population. Being a leader is kind of like being a good soccer player or a good basket ball player. Some people have the natural talent to be a leader. Some people need a little push in the right direction.

The following are two reasons why working on developing your leadership skills is good for you:

 1. Helps You Build Character

There are three essential things we need to developing our character and becoming the best person we can be: (1) self-awareness; (2) efforts at improvement; and (3) evaluating our progress.

We create our character by the choices we make. Good choices create good habits and good character. Bad choices create bad habits. As a leader you know exactly what you want to create and it drives to be the best you can be.

Character is  a central, important element of leadership. Character is the foundation for shaping how we pay attention to the world around us, what we notice, what we reinforce, who we engage in conversation with, what we value, what we choose to act on, how we decide…and the list goes on and on.

I believe having a good character is the key to self-respect, to earning the respect of others, to positive relationships, to a sense of fulfillment, and to achievements you can be proud of.

Most of the time in leadership, we’re often blind to our own faults. We will always come up with reason why we may not be perfect but perfection is not what we should focus on. we should focus on the impact we are making.

When you are developing your leadership skills, self -evaluation is good to measure how far you have come from. However, you need to be patient with you and keep going regardless if you think you’re not that good. Always know that it’s the repetition that will help you improve.


 2. It Gives You an Opportunity to Solve Problems

Leaders solve problems in their environment. Problem solving skills are important aspect of leadership. Having great problem solving skills will open a vortex of opportunities. Problems also create new relationships.

Since I like reading bible stories, let me give you an example. King David was such a great leader, he married the daughter of the king by solving the problem of Goliath, in terms that creates a new relationship for him.

You must decide on the problem you want to solve as a leader. Problems are opportunities that reveal your distinction from others.

It is the problem nearest you and your attitude towards it that will unlock the blessings.

Another skill that work hand and hand with solving problem is communication. Mastering the way you communicate is a fundamental necessity.Effective communication towards problem solving happens because of a leader’s ability to help open dialogue between people who trust her intentions and feel that they are in a safe environment to share why they believe the problem happened as well as specific solutions.

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