Who’s Writing Your Story ?[WKTS]

By May 9, 2016 Entrepreneurship No Comments

You are the author of your book called life. When you want to pursue something significant, you have to be the one in charge to make things happen. Everyone’s life is a story that’s developing and you get to choose the part of the story you want to focus on to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Throughout your journey to becoming what you want, you will find out that not everyone is going to be in your corner. Sometimes it is best to keep quiet and pursue your dreams rather than sharing it with everyone.

Often times, other people write your story because you allow them to by buying into their own limiting beliefs.

Most people who are not willing to pursue their own dreams will see something wrong with you pursuing yours.

Today make a promise to yourself to keep your pen to yourself and write your story however you desire. There’s no straight line in writing your story, you will face challenges, but let them grow and make you better than you were.

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