What to Look For When Hosting a New Website

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What is web hosting? A lot of people aren’t sure. If they have a website, they may have a vague idea, but if they are starting up a blog or an online business, they usually have no idea what it is.Web hosting is a service that puts your website on the Internet. In other words, it makes your website available to your users.

Im going to share with you a number of tips that you can use to learn more about web hosting and choose the best hosting solution for you.

When I started blogging way back in 2009 I had no idea what hosting was. I did not know how it works and why I needed it. I started to blog on blogger.com at the time and having a blog on that platform is not self hosted so there was no need for me to be concern about hosting a website.

As I kept moving along and met other online entrepreneurs. I was advised to have my own self hosted blog and use wordpress.org to do so.

I had no idea what wordpress was but all I had to do was follow a few instructions and I was able to download it on my computer.

In other for wordpress to work, I had to to have a host. Trust me.. nothing made sense to me at the time but through trial and error I have learned what to look for in a hosting company.

When choosing a web hosting service make sure to look for one that offers a simple and easy way to navigate eCommerce system.Even if you do not initially plan to offer products for sale on your website, realize that this can be a valuable asset as your business grows and expands. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy if you can easily add this service if the need arises.

When first signing up with any of the many web hosts, you need to ask if there are any discounts offered for signing up for an extended period of time. A lot of web hosts will give you a discount if you sign up for a year or more with them.The average web host does not charge too much so it is important to compare the rates before choosing a host to use.

If you currently have more than one website, you may want to use a web host that allows an account to contain multiple domains. This will save you money and allow you to only have to worry about dealing with one account rather than multiple accounts. Dealing with one account is a lot less stressful.

Lastly, choose a web host that offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You will not need to worry about going over the usage limit. Hosting plans that limit disk space and bandwidth usually will charge you extra for each unit of disk space or bandwidth used over the limit. If you do not monitor it, this can cost you a lot of money.

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