The Best Part of Marketing When Creating Your New Path

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The thought of marketing can be so overwhelming. Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. Marketing happens in  countless of ways now days, through social media, video, podcast, blogs, web sites, television, radio, etc.

The problem for most people creating their new path is not knowing which to pick. For me, I had to try 3 different marketing platforms in order to narrow down my top platform. Doing it that way , I learned about which marketing works best for me by just comparing a few things.

Social Media Marketing

This is a great way to start. It gives you exposure very quickly, by choosing your top five social accounts to open. Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest are my top five. The pro is that they are all FREE and you don’t need to spend money to start putting great content out there. The con is that it can be very time consuming if you are not following a strategy. When using social media, best thing to do is to carve out specific time for it and focus on the task at hand to avoid being sucked in, in everyone else’s agenda.

Video Marketing

This one can be very scary to new entrepreneur. It is very effective, and gives your audience a chance to get to know you better.If you are shy just like I was, you don’t need to put your face in front of a camera right away. You can do voice over videos where you are presenting something.

Marketing requires faith, and to me that is the best part. You have to have faith to step into something you have no clue of the outcome. Yet, it is necessary to try different marketing platform and testing them.For anyone creating their new path, I would say to be bold and stick to your vision.

Do not allow yourself to be overwhelm by all of parts that you have to put together. You have to take it one small task at a time .

Also don’t get sucked into the comparison game.  If you play this game , you will doubt yourself and abilities because most of the time, we tend to compare ourselves with people that are already ten steps ahead of us. There’s no competition, because this is your path and you can tweak, rethink, readjust, make mistakes, make a U turn and do whatever you want because it is unique to you.


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