Keys to The Best Strategy for Online Marketing

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Results come from you having a good business plan in place. You have to be very strategic about your approach in business. Most people seem to just do things without having a strategy. When people hear about strategy, they think about things being complicated, but in reality, having a strategy is knowing the “How” In doing something.

One of my mentors always talks to me about starting with the end in mind when it comes to marketing. I have to know who my avatar is and put an outline together to pinpoint her/his needs.  Avatar means .. your ideal customer;  and  base on my avatar’s need , I can create a campaign strategically reaching my ideal customers.

Having a strategy  help you get clear on the outcome you’re looking for. Most people that use social media as a way to market, often times do so blindly without thinking of a strategic plan that can help them attract an audience. On social media, before you post anything, you must first think about who the post is for, what do you need out of that post.  Are you looking for engagements? Are you looking to have some awareness about something, Are you looking to get leads? Each post needs to have a good strategy behind it so you can get the results you’re looking for.

There’s a simple acronym you can use to put a strategy in place. It’s called PBS.  It stands for Promote, Benefits, Statistics.  If you are online marketer you obviously need a product to promote, next, you need to learn the benefits of that product and how it can help your avatar. The last one is statistics.  You  got to learn your numbers when you start running a campaign. This is one part that most people ignore; they don’t know how much money they spend to acquire customers. The amateurs just have the approach of wanting to make some money and they go and blow money on a marketing campaign without planning.

Listen; to win in the game of online marketing, you must connect with the right mentors, the right people that can teach this stuff. Tony Robbins says it best; anyone can be successful if they learn to model someone that already is. So the best strategy you can use right now is to stop following what everybody else is doing and decide to follow someone that’s getting results and put a plan in place that you can execute.



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