How to Win on Your level by Keeping with the law of Progression

How to Win On your level.

Winning on your level means that you have to stick things through. We are all working with the law of progression. If you break this law, you will minimize your chance of reaping a huge harvest. I know , sometimes you just can’t wait to move up and go to the next level but the reality is that moving up to a level without being prepared for it, can hurt more than it helps.

To win on your level, you have to choose to master where you are. When mastering your level, you really have not time to compare yourself with others playing at their level. It’s only when you ready that you will be able to move on to the next big thing.

I choose to master every level that I am at, because it’s helping serve others. The beautiful thing is that when I master something, I don’t only master it for me, I master it to teach others seeking for that same solution. And When I find myself in that space of teaching others what I have mastered, Then I truly know a great progression has taken place.
The truth is Life is never static. “One must progress or retrograde. The law of progression is your sowing time. The time you sow a seed so you can reap a harvest. Everyone know a farmer that sow a seed have to water the seed constantly for it to take root and as everything progress, in due time you have the harvest.



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