How To Stay Productive Using The Eisenhower Formula ( Part 2)

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There’s always a gap between where you are today and where you want to go. What you want to do is bridge the gap. You do a gap analysis. In my previous post I talked about doing brain dump which is where you make a list and lay out all the steps you need to take get things done. This list is usually pretty massive so don’t be scared. Now, the next thing you need to do is to get organized and figure out what are the things on this list that are really important and seserves your attention first. This is where the Eisenhower formula comes handy.
Most of the time, people tend to get stuck, because they don’t so much on their plate that they can’t seem to focus and instead, they get overwhelm and tend to procrastinate. In the video, I explain how to use the Eisenhower formula.

Why is this so Important?

It is important because now you have put your stick in the ground , knowing exactly the activity you need to focus on first. With this formula, it is also important to put in the dates you will get it done by. When you work with deadlines, it pushes a button in you that makes you do it no matter how inconvenient things may get.

If you do this and keep up , your production level will increase tremendously. I have tested this and I have seen the progress in my own business.



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