How to Stay On Top of Your Game With Your Goals

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When you set up a goal and you achieved it, you want to set up even bigger goals to challenge yourself so you don’t plateau out.

When you decide to stay on top of your game, it gives you a chance to convince yourself to do even better. Setting a bigger goal will help you direct focus more on the activities that will bring you the desired result. It’s a mental challenge that you give yourself because many opportunities will come to deviate you from what you want.

The challenge is to decide not to take any of those opportunities that are not in alignment with your goals. I say it is a challenge because often times the opportunities tend to look a bit shinier, a bit more convenient with less effort. However, it is not always the right way to go. Deciding to stay on top of your game means you already made a bigstock-Road-Sign-Of-New-Life-And-Old-41301322commitment to face whatever challenge that will come your way. You made a commitment to keep growing, keep learning while figure out a way to achieve that goal.

Nothing comes automatic. You don’t automatically grow personally. Therefore, reaching a new level requires a new way of thinking and doing things. To stay on top of your game you have to stay on top of your mind. When your mind start telling you it’s too hard… you have to answer back and readjust your thinking. Just because you have a plan, does not mean your plan will work automatically, you have to strive and get yourself to think that higher level of thoughts so you can awaken that inner beast inside.

Most of the time people staying on top of their game find themselves competing with others. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition in a contest. But when it comes to achieving your goals, Take a different approach; compete with yourself so that you can reach new heights on your own terms. The focus should never be what others do , the focus is what do you have right now to work with and make the imposssible possible.

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