How to own Your Day

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How to own Your Day

In anything you do, preparation is always a key to meeting your expectations. When you prepare your day, you put yourself in control, knowing exactly the things you should focus on to get your desired result.

When you don’t own your day, the day will own you. How So? Well most people will do busy work like checking emails , or scrolling down on social media , liking pages that would lead them to click on a link and start browsing websites they had no agenda to browse on the first place.

If you work from home like me, you can get easily distracted doing busy work, like picking up the phone when it rings because family members will call you anytime of the day,  because in their mind, working from home means you are available anytime of the day. Or if you are a neat freak like me, you may feel a sudden urge to start cleaning because you happen to see a little dust somewhere, and from there the distraction starts from one thing to the next until you realize the whole day is passing you by and have not tackle any of your project. That’s how the day ending up owning you by shifting your focus to all different directions.

How do you change that and own the day?

It all starts with preparation; everyone can put together a system that works for them. Whether you’re using an Iphone, calendar, post it notes or whatever it is, you need something that will help you identify your most important task that needs to get done. I personally use my digital planner and post it notes to plan out my day, so I know I am committed to work on the next day. For each task, I give myself 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete it.

Understand, that everyone attention span is different, you have to identify how much you can concentrate on one task without you being distracted. If its 20 minutes for you, then work in 20 minutes interval with a timer until you can complete your work.

The fact is, if you want to own your day and feel very productive, you’ll need  to prepare, plan and execute.



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