How to get your goals up and running Using the SSI Formula

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Stop, Drop,and Roll !.. Yep, if you are looking to achieve your goals this year you are going to have to stop and drop the distraction and roll with the SSI formula to get things up and running. It takes a process to achieve your goals, and often times most people have the goals down and don’t know how to put a plan together to achieve the goals. If you just write the goals down and don’t have a plan of action to execute, you will end up procrastinate and never get to your destination.

I learn this SSI formula from a mentor of mine and boy I can see the difference it made in running my business. Let me tell you, anything I can learn to help me focus and get rid of distractions, I’m down for.

I decided to share this formula today because… well what good does it do keeping it to myself when it can clearly help other people focus as well. This is the first week of a brand new year 2016, so what better way to start puttin a plan together, get things in gear and start rolling.



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