How to Build Google Compliant Landing Pages

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Google Adwords

One the first thing you have to understand when using Google or any other mainstream media for traffic is that it’s all about relevancy.

The game of paid traffic with Google has changed ever since internet marketers got slapped a couple years back. But does that mean you can’t use Google for Traffic if you want to promote a product? Absolutely not!  There are now different set of rules to follow if you want to get traffic with good adwords.

Why Google Adwords

Google adwords traffic is different from any other form of traffic such as solo ads, using Facebook etc.  The reason is because people go to Google to get information, to research and to buy.  When you advertise on Google adwords, you get your visitors at the point of intent.  The visitors are highly interested in their search and are looking for a solution to their problems.  On the other hand, when you do solo ads or Facebook, they are not necessarily actively looking for stuff and that’s why they have to see your ads several times before they consider doing anything.

Landing page/ Driving Traffic

Before thinking to drive traffic with Google, I’d highly recommend that you can read their ad words policy where they laid out all the do’s and don’ts.

But in this post, I’m going to go over what’s important for you to focus, so you can get your ad approved by Google. One of the things that are really important for Google is language.  Language means a lot because they don’t want to run any ads that are deceiving people.  Ads that are making big promises t people but yet the product or services never really deliver.

So, when creating a landing page, you have to keep in mind the kind language you use to help the visitors understand why they need your product and services. The language you use on a landing page should not sound spammy, or hype people up to do something that will result in getting them results overnight. Things like how to make money online fast, or get thousands of visitors to your site by a click of a button or anything that sounds too much of a hype just so the visitor can click on a link.

Your Approach to Advertising

The days of landing page using just a headline, and opt in form is long gone for Google ad words. Your approach should always be bringing in value…Whatever you are selling/ promoting… Needs to tell the visitor about the skills they will learn and the benefits for using the products and services.

Google is very big on relevancy, so if you try to promote sites that offer very little unique value and focus on primarily traffic generation… It will always get rejected.

Your Landing page Composition

Another valuable aspect of advertising on Google is that you have to own your website.  The website address needs to look like a real company site. Your landing page needs to tell the user the story behind why this product or service is useful.  You need to provide some details about the product or service, what it does, and how it can help people.  The feel of your landing can be like a blog home page where you have the opt in form above the fold of the page.  Then you provide so much value without giving everything away…but make the visitor curious enough to want to know more about the product or services.

Good Example of a landing page

The best way to succeed with having a good landing page is by modeling the landing pages that are currently running on Google adwords.   Depending on your industry, go to Google , put yourself in your customers shoes and type in  something related to your products or services that you know people would look for. Then click on the current ads that are running and see how their landing pages are set up.


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