How to Build an Online Business- The Steps You Need to Take

Before I start talking about building an online business, I want to first talk about expectation.  Sometimes people jump into building an online without being clear of the outcome they want.

The Prepping Stage

One of the broad outcomes is for the business to be successful and make money. Ok.. I get it, everyone wants their business to be successful but other than that what’s the outcome you are seeking when you get started? There’s a wrong way and a right way to build an online business. There’s also a fast way and a slow way… However, you go too fast, you will find yourself grinding and not exactly get the results that you want.  You got to make sure you have the right expectations, and meticulously know how to put the building block together to build an online business.


Next, you need to identify your financial goals. you have to know what you want out of this. Are you looking to make $2000 a month, $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month etc…? Whatever it is, you need to identify your objectives over the month and for an entire year.

Once you have set your financial goals, then you got to identify what you are willing to give in return for you to attain this goal. Sacrifice plays a big part in achieving success. What are you willing to sacrifice for this business to be successful? Personally, when I got involve with affiliate marketing/online business, I had to put in a lot of hours learning the business. As a busy mom on the go, I had to find the time to focus on learning a new skill and usually it would be at night when everyone else is sleeping.

Everything starts with the right mental attitude. You have to be a 10X thinker. Be ready mentally to start, and forget about a plan B. Most people would tell you to have a plan B just in case.. But I find that when you have a plan B, you don’t give Plan A all that you got…because in the back of your mind, you have something else to fall on. Yes, you can still have your full time Job while you build your business, but mentally you got to think about building this business like you have no other options… This is it!

Building a Successful online business that will last.

The next stage of this knowing what kind of online business you want to build, you got to have a vision before you start building. Most people don’t do this, and that is why they are prone to fail. What do you see when you think about an online business. Do you want sell information products or tangible products? Do you want to make your own products to sell or do you want to sell other people’s products.

Once you make a decision on this, then you want to have a blueprint to follow. What’s the plan? What needs to be in place first? What kind of tools you need to have in place?

Just like anything else, you need to have that foundation in place to build an online business.

Strategy Matters

Now let’s move on to strategy. Once you have the blueprint to follow and all your tools in place, you need to start focusing on a strategy. Are you going to do everything yourself, or are going to hire a contractor to do certain things for you?  In my opinion, I think you need both.  Certain aspect of your business, you will need to delegate to a third party.

By now you are probably thinking to yourself… “Gee, I never thought there was so much into building an online business”? Well, how you start matters, and I had to learn all of this the hard way. After trying many different ways and bumping into many challenges that you can think of… I finally have the formula down to succeed with online business.

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