How to Be True To Yourself and Find Good Success

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The first step to find good success is figuring out what you really wanted to do.  In my case, I find that when I am not clear with my goals I get off track and start doing things that is not in alignment with what I wanted to do.  To be successful in anything, you must be true to who you are. Pretending to be someone you are not, will ever bring anything of substance. I needed to focus on something deeper, something with purpose. It took me a while to truly connect with my purpose, but I come to realized that this is not at all about me. This is about lifting others; it’s about serving and contributing to somebody else’s life to make it better.

Whatever project or business you are working on, there’s always a much bigger purpose for doing it. Your job is to find that bigger purpose and connect with it. Before truly connecting with that purpose, I was doing things just to do them. In fact, I was following what everyone was doing, doing things in a very amateur way, and hoping to find that big breakthroughs.

I had to find that first breakthrough within where I no longer followed the crowd, no longer wanted to pretend to be someone that I was not. I had to shut down all the noise in my head that wanted me to be like this leader over here and over there. I had to find the true me that was covered by all the layers of what I thought success should look like. I no longer allow people to dictate every aspect of my business. I finally come to terms to who I truly I am. What am I willing to do and what does not feel right for me to do.  I kept my eyes on my goals and if something was not in alignment with my goals I would just let it go.

Too many times, online business people think they should be everything to everybody. In reality being everything to everybody gets you nowhere. It’s better to be that one thing so people know who they can run to when they are in need of a specific problem to be solved.

Everyone defines success differently and that’s ok but when you start making peace with who you truly are and connect with your purpose, that’s when good success will find you.


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