How To Be Shameless About Your Vision

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Your dreams are yours and nobody can take it away from you. If you have envisioned yourself to be great at something, the last thing you want to do is downplay that vision because you think people will not support you.

Most people tend to be shameful about dreaming big and believe in their dreams because they don’t want people to make fun of them. People are people and unless you step out by faith to take care your business, nobody else will do that for you.

There’s a reason why you have the dreams. It’s because it belongs to you. Believing in your dreams has nothing to do with people supporting you. It starts with you, you have to take hold of that dream and vision and start putting some action behind it.


The greatest role model is the late Muhammad Ali. What if he cared about what people think, do you think he would have been great?  The Answer is NO.  Muhammad shamelessly promoted himself to be the greatest boxer that ever lived… And he was saying that before he become great. He believes in himself enough to put a lot of actions to back up what he was promoting.

You need to be shameless about your dreams and vision. Be shameless about what you believe in and dismissed what the outside world will think about it. All they can do is criticized but if you are strong in your beliefs, you will withstand any storms.

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