How to Avoid The Danger Between Inspiration vs Comparison [WKTS]

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Inspiration is a gift. Comparison is a curse. And each day we get to choose which we’ll embrace.
When you get inspired, you begin to envision the possibility that’s available. You feel motivated to do things because all you see is possibility. Inspiration drives you forward. Comparison pulls you backward. Inspiration tells you there’s still time to accomplish something amazing.

On the other hand, Comparison empties you. when you begin comparing yourself to others, you get this envy feeling and sometimes want to downplay people’s accomplishment.

Comparison tells you it’s too late. I wish I could give you an exact formula that made it obvious when you’ve left the world of inspiration and entered the land of comparison, but I can’t.

I can just tell you how it works for me. When I am inspired by others, I want to support them. I honestly want to help them get further and cheer for them. However, I noticed when I get stuck comparing myself to others, I want to criticize them and begin to give myself all excuses in the world as to why Im not able to measure up.
I find myself not happy for their accomplishments, I am jealous of them. I misinterpret their success as a reflection on me.

If you ever Want to escape the comparison trap… It’s easy. everything you do comparing, must be reverse. Start to Celebrate others. Clap loud. Cheer for somebody else when you get the chance. (And you always have the chance.) Criticizing people is easier than celebrating them. But one leads to jealousy and one leads to joy.


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