Focus How to be Laser focus despite all the noise in our world

In this industry, focus seems to be very difficult to keep for most entrepreneurs. On a day to day basis I find that if we don’t put together a plan for the day, the day usually have a plan for us. We tend to get distracted with social media, emails, and following other people’s plan that was never our plan.

Keeping Our Agenda And Staying Away From distractions

When we are not distracted with other people’s agenda, we tend to distract ourselves by trying to work on everything all at once.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to be guilty of that.  They way I deal with that type of distraction now is by prioritizing my work.

I would make a list of all the things that I need to work on for the day, then I would prioritize by what’s most important to get done for the day. I have a “MUST” Done List and a “Can Wait List”

what happened as entrepreneurs is that we tend to have several ideas running through our heads, but saying yes to all those ideas can be trouble. It’s better to keep focus on one idea that we can work on now then make a bucket list for our other ideas that are not in alignments with our current projects.

Using A Timer

Another good tip is  the use of a timer.  If you want to get laser focus on timing yourself while working on a specific task is very beneficial.  I usually do this with my cell phone and turning off all notifications so I won’t get sight track; I would go somewhere quiet, where I know I won’t get distracted for a good hour and trust me I can only do this when my kids are not home or late night when everyone is in bed, or otherwise I’ll go the library if I’m working with a tight deadline.

I can not begin to tell you how effective this is when you give yourself that hour to work.

Obviously if you are working on a computer, you’re going to have to log off all social media accounts, close all windows such as emails and other stuff that you know can easily distracts you.

Keeping laser-like focus require for us to discipline ourselves. And the way to discipline is by taking small actions steps like I’ve discuss that will create good habits for you.

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