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About Alexandrapierre.com

Well Hello, I’m Alexandra Pierre, and if you ever wonder:

“How to build a profitable online business”
“How to market on social media”
“What Path should I take with my current business?
“How can I be more influential?”
“How can I discover my current ability and build a business around it?
“what is this blogging stuff all about?”

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

I built this site with the intention of inspiring leaders, Internet Marketers, speakers and entrepreneurs. I have links to other resources – books, courses, gadgets, and other things to support you on your journey and along the way you will find them very valuable to your business.

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About Alexandra Pierre


alexandra_pierre_Website_Home   Alexandra Pierre is an entrepreneur, inspirational mentor, and an online marketing trainer. She is a native of Haiti and resides outside of Boston, MA.  She is a woman of God, married to her husband John and raising two lovely girls at home.

Alexandra started her entrepreneurial journey way back in her late high school  years where she dabbled into different types of ventures. She was always driven for success. After her college years, working a corporate job for 5 years and soon after becoming a mother, she knew she needed to follow her own path even though she was not clear what that was.

She was introduced back to the world of online marketing back in 2006.  She knew making a decision to travel down that road was not going to be easy for her, but the passion to be more and create something much greater far exceeded her fears.

She started discovering the ins and out, highs and lows of running an online business…. all while taking care of 2 kids at home. She created her first blog from scratch back in 2007 and used that platform to influence people in that market.

She invested in herself to become knowledgeable and gain the skills that led her to great success in her business ventures today. Alexandra is honest, raw and very transparent, so if you’re looking for someone to give you honest insight about building an online business, she’s your go to girl!!

Alexandra is passionate about helping others finding their own path, create a business they love and leverage the influence that they have.In her free time, she enjoys outdoor fun, reading, and watching funny movies with her family.

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