8 Truths You Must Accept If You Want to Succeed at Anything

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As you step into your truth and power, you will stretch in ways you never have thought of. On the path to success, there are certain things that are going to be inevitable. There are some painful experiences that you can not avoid and at times may make you want to give up completely. Unsuccessful people usually spend their lives trying to avoid these experiences at all costs. They will do whatever they can to avoid criticism, fear , disappointment and failure. For the most part, these people often live with their heads in the clouds.

However, the “Successful” people that I observe, accept that criticism, fear, disappointment, and failure come with the territory. It does not mean they enjoy or agree to these things, but they simply look at them as bumps on the road of achieving their greatest desire.gap

Here are 8 Truths you must accept if you want to succeed at anything

1. Accept Criticism

Having critics is just part of the game. You will be criticized. Not everyone will understand your vision and what you are about. And that’s Okay because they are not suppose.Can you make people stop criticizing you? No. Can you live your life in such a way that they never will? Possibly. But then who suffers? You do. Keep in mind that Those who’ve abandoned their dreams will discourage yours, and you will not allow them to.
2. Accept Disappointments

At some point in your journey, you will get disappointed. Sometimes things don’t happen the way you expected to happen. You will have bad days where you are not sure how to proceed. Some people live their lives expecting disappointment, and, for that reason, don’t try. Others live their lives expecting the path to their dreams to be all easy with no hardship and they stop at the first threat of disappointment. In both cases, the pain and fear of disappointment are what stop them from achieving their own idea of success. Just decide to see disappointments as a phase that will carry you through to the next big idea or opportunity to excel.

3. Accept Fear For What it is

Most of the time what we fear the most is an indication of what we need to move towards.You don’t overcome fear by fighting it.You overcome fear by facing and embracing it. The journey to success can be full of some terrifying moments – not because you’re truly in danger but because, your nervous system thinks you are. Its job is to protect you no matter what, and a “nervous” nervous system can be a very powerful and persuasive thing. Everyone deals with fear differently , some will challenge the fear and go for it while others will cop out and rather distract themselves with other busy stuff that has no relation to their dreams. You got a choice to make here.. you can either let fear beat you up and never get anything done, or you can embrace and push forward and past the fear.

4. Accept that you will mess up

yeah.. I can raise my hands on that one because I lost count of how many times I’ve failed. Most people live their live being fearful of failure but the reality is you are going to mess up. You will say some dumb stuff and mess up the whole presentation, you will disappoint some people, and sometimes even miss deadlines. But you know what, through it all you will learned and get better with time and what you don’t want to keep doing is beating yourself up over and over again.

5. Accept that “Negative Thoughts’ will arise and try to stop you.

As you step into your power, there will be a plethora of negative thoughts that will arise. Telling you can’t do it , it’s too difficult, people will not like it, you don’t have enough resources etc.. And other thoughts will push you to do more, have more, and be more to the point of anxiety, exhaustion, and disconnection from others. The truth of the matter is you can overcome them by choosing not to dwell on them. The best thing to embrace them and redirect your focus on the good things that can actually happened.

6. Accept “Dreaming” also comes with “Doing”.And vice versa.

It is good to have dreams, but your actions will speak louder to bring the dreams to reality. Taking actions behind what you have envisioned is the priority of success. At the same time, If you are constantly doing-doing-doing without allowing yourself to envision and dream, then you’ll burn out on things that don’t fulfill you.

7. Accept that you are enough.

You were divinely designed for your purpose. You may not entirely know what that is, and that’s okay. Just know that your presence here on Earth is valuable and necessary.

Whatever it is you are going through, whatever it is you desire, know this: You are enough. You are strong enough, wise enough, beautiful enough, intelligent enough, talented enough, funny enough, thoughtful enough.

8. Accept that it will all be worth it
For all the setbacks, disappointments, detours.. etc- that you will go through even if you don’t reach all of your goals and dreams – at least you will have been on one amazing ride. One day when you look back at it you will see it was all worth it.

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