3 Questions to Ask When Looking to Produce Better Results in Your Business

I remember how confused I used to get by following everyone who had something to say.It took me going down a rabbit hole and never got the results that I desired to realize that I needed to do things differently in my business.After painfully going trough that cycle, one day, I just simply made a decision to stop following everyone else’s agenda  and just model one good leader that I feel will help me produce great results.

My decision was on point because that’s when things started getting clearer for me. I had a solid strategy and I was  prepared to win.I learned that a person’s strategy and tactics can help  surmount what seem like a giant obstacles.

Here’s what I did

I have three vital questions I  ask  to determine the strategy I should use to help me reach my goals.

Where am I  now?
Where do I want to be?
How do I get there?

To answers these questions, I had to be true to myself and assess my current business.

Where am I now? I had to look at my business inside and out and make a list of things that did not look too good, and scratch off everything that was not in alignment with my business.

Where do I want to be? I knew what I wanted my business to look like and the platform I wanted to use. Now the only thing left to do was  making a plan to execute that idea.

How do I get there? This is where having a strategy really help. I knew if I model my business after one really good mentor, I could get things done. So, I used tools and processes that helped me with this.

I learned that it’s really about what you know, how you think and how you get people to care enough about what you are doing that can help you achieve your goals.

we have all used some strategy to get to where we are in life whether the outcome was pleasant or not so pleasant. For example you got a job,you got an education, you are a wife or husband…you did something in the past to try and get something better in the future. It’s all about a sequence of events that will shape the future in a way that you like.

Becoming a strategic thinker, is about getting better at shaping events. It took several events that did not workout for me to realize that I needed to do something different. If you are like I was, you feel like you are following everybody’s training and  getting more confused by the minute. I suggest that you pulled back and start assessing your business now and the structure that you want to follow. From there, ask yourself the three questions that I had to ask so you can start working a different plan to produce better results.


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